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Certification Service Provider (Form – A)


(Applicable To Domestic Companies And Registered Partnerships)

(See Regulation 4)


    The Electronic Certification Accreditation Council


    The Applicant provides the required information in the following manner and has attached here go with all the necessary or referred information in the documentary form:

    PART 1 (Particulars of the Applicant)
    1.Name of the Applicant:

    iii) Date of incorporation :

    iv) Date of Registration:
    (Attach the certified constitutional documents of registration with concerned authorities)

    (a) Person authorized to make the application:

    (Attach herewith resolution of the company or authority letter signed by all the partnerships partners, in case of partnerships)

    (b) Whether the company or the Partnership concern is authorized to undertake the business of Certification Service Provider?
    (Specify one) (Attach certified copies of articles and memorandum of association, in case of companies, and partnership deed, in case of partnerships)
    (c) In case of negative answer of l(b) above, whether the applicant has initiated the process for amendments with the concerned authority and its outcome?

    (d) Name(s) of members:

    (e) Name(s) of partners:

    2. Addresses of the branch offices, if any along with the names of the officials responsible for the branch offices along with complete phone/fax numbers, e-mails etc.:

    3. Purpose of the application:

    PART 2 (Particulars of the Services)

    4. Details of certification services:
    5. Certification Practice Statement:
    (Provide brief description of salient features)
    (attach the Certification Practice Statement)

    6. Audit of the Applicant:

    i) Date of the last audit (in case of renewal application): ii) Date of Audit application (in case of fresh applicant): (attach application) (a) Result of the last audit: (provide brief description of the audit report) i) Action taken by the Council:(attach last audit report)

    (b) Result of the audit application and action taken by the Council:(in case of fresh applicant)
    i) Action taken by the Council: ii) Details of shortcomings and rectifications: iii) Re-audit and outcome: (provide brief description, if applicable) (attach report(s))

    PART 3 (Qualified Staff/Trusted Persons)

    7. Details of the operational centre(s): 8. Details of the Qualified Staff employed by the Applicant for each of the operational centre(s):

    (attach the N.I.C’s and qualification details) 9. Details of Trusted Person(s) for each operational site(s):

    (attach the N.I.C’s and qualification details)

    PART 4 (Financial)

    10. Authorized Capital of the Company:
    i) Paid up capital:
    11. Total share capital of the Partnership:
    i) Equity of each Partner:
    12. Last audited accounts: (attach certified copies)
    13. Declaration of solvency: (format of declaration is provided to be signed by all the members/directors or partners on stamp paper duly notarized by notary public)
    14. Application processing fee: (applicable in cases of Accreditation and renewal)
    15. Accreditation fee: (applicable in case of affirmative outcome of 6(b) above)
    PART 5 (Statements)
    (These statements should be provided under separate heads)
    16. A statement showing integrity, confidentiality, authentication and protection of information, classification, de-classification, labelling, storage, access and destruction of information assets according to their value, sensitivity and importance of operation.
    17. A statement indicating that two employees having a minimum of two years’ experience working in or in relation to the certification services.
    PART 6 (Other declarations)
    18. A declaration duly executed and notarized on Stamp paper, in accordance with prescribed form, to the effect that the applicant shall comply with the requirements of its Certification Practice Statement.
    19. A declaration duly executed and notarized on Stamp paper, in accordance with prescribed form, to the effect that the applicant shall fully abide by the Regulations of the Council.
    PART 7 (Post Accreditation requirements):
    (applicable in fresh accreditation and renewal)
    20. Indemnity Bond: (as prescribed by the Council)
    21. Performance Bond: (as prescribed by the Council)
    22. Proof of Insurance Cover: (of such amount as has been prescribed by the Regulations in such form as prescribed by the Council)
    Yours truly,
    for and on behalf of
    Official Seal:


    the applicant certify that the contents of the above application are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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